10 ideas based on the Product Hunt business model…

Vytautas Sabaliauskas
5 min readOct 19, 2020

This time I have prepared a bunch of ideas (more ideas — less data) based on the same or similar business model as Product Hunt. Next week you will receive one idea that is bouncing in my head for you but I have to make more research on it, so stay tuned….

Product Hunt business model

  • For users -> Discover new tech products daily and vote for the best products, also users can become makers and hunt and publish new products they find.
  • For product creators -> Publish your new product and attract early adopters.
  • Gamification -> Published daily products are listed on the main list and compete to get votes to climb to the top of the list.
  • Product Hunt earns money from premium features and promotions.

You can find more about the business model here…

Check Product Hunt …

Ideas based on Product Hunt business model

Before getting to ideas I want to point out the cons of the Product Hunt business model that almost fits every idea listed below.

  • Published product data validation -> quality content needed.
  • Be aware of scams -> so you have to have know-how in the industry.
  • Gathering community with expertise around your new hunt portal.

So now we can proceed to ideas -> All ideas below are based on the same business model as Product Hunt.

1. Ecommerce hunt -> Let’s shoppers discover new online shops and creators attract new shoppers.

Some facts

I would separate e-commerce into two types of online shops with more than one product and creators of a single product. You can dive even deeper based on the exact ecommerce niche (appearance, books, gadgets, wine, and so on).

2.Local hunt -> Discover daily new places & events locally.

This idea is making the Product Hunt model based on location. Discover local service and new places daily — restaurants, shops, events ….

Some facts

Pros — Start building it around your local area or city. You can start by hunting these places and events on your own from different other service providers.

3.Interior design hunt -> Discover daily interior designs.

Discover and vote for the best interior design daily, find the best interior designers around the world.

Some facts

Pros — Always trending market and still growing check on Google Trends.

4.Science hunt -> Discover daily science by upvoting researches.

Discover science daily finding the most interesting inventions and researches.

Some facts

Pros — Big community of researches.

5.Game hunt -> Discover the best daily new games.

Discover the best new games launched daily based on upvotes.

Some facts

Pros -> finding new games based on popularity is time-consuming.

6. Content hunt (podcasts, newsletters, youtube channels,…) -> Discover the daily launch of newsletters, blogs, Youtube channels, and so on.

Hunt for newly launched content based on your interests.

Some facts

Pros -> quality content is always in demand.

7. Music hunt -> Discover the best daily music.

Hunt for new music.

Some facts

Pros -> a place for new creators to get exposure.

8. Investment opportunity hunt -> Find and vote for the best daily investment opportunities.

Discover new investment opportunities (IPOS, Real Estate, Funds, alternative investments…) daily.

Some facts

Pros → Some of the financial products are prohibited to promote on Facebook and other ad networks.

Cons → lots of scams probability.

9. Art hunt -> Discover new art daily.

Find the best art daily published by creators.

Some facts

10. Health & Wellness hunt -> Discover health &welness products daily.

Discover products (medical, yoga, healthy eating, personal care & beauty, nutrition, and weight-loss, …) products

Some facts

Pros -> There are lots of prohibition for promoting health products on Facebook and other ad networks.

Cons -> Possibility of harmful products listed.

Can you make it with no-code?

You can try bubble.io, also there is a template from zeroqode. If you know other templates or options feel free to share in the comment section.

Last word

For this type of business model, you can think of any idea that fits your niche as long as you have lots of makers/creators and a big audience of early adopters.

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