Are you ready to build a new social network/planner for politicians’ accountability?

We hear lots of promises during elections from our politicians. The problem is how to track the progress of given promises?

Politicians mastered social media for their communication goals. The technology already gives tools to reach voters and communicate — visions, ideas, and goals but is it enough?

I always wondered how to divide what specific politicians’ goals are and what was done to achieve them during the X time period. Looking from the private sector perspective every company has a vision, roadmap, goals, and methodology on how they track progress.

In democratic countries with the help of open data, you can track different information on specific politicians like attendance, voting, asset declaration, meetings ….

What about tracing specific politician goals? We have more information on the process then on achieved results. From my point of view, we are more likely to measure politicians by their activity on media than on results. Media gives all tools to get better exposure, but tracking progress from media is almost impossible. Yes, we have global data stats like GDP and others, but can we understand specific politicians impact on these results.

What if we could make politicians more accountable by providing better data to their voters based on :

  1. Values.

I came up with the idea that is the hybrid of social network and planner that could solve this problem getting a better understanding of what politicians’ mane values and goals are and how to track them.

The benefit for politicians publish and update this information could help voters identify specific politicians that work on problems they care about and the impact they are giving.

So is their a potential opportunity for this idea?

So what are the key benefits for politicians:

  1. Attract more voters based on your goals and results

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  • A planner that lets politicians publicly share and track their values, goals, results simply with their voters.

Value proposition

What customer problems are you helping to solve?

  • Sharing your goals and tracking them with your voters doesn’t have long term value.

What customer needs are you going to satisfying?

  • Attract new voters.

What are the key features of your product/service that match customer problems/needs?

  • Share your vision, goals, and updates in a separate subdomain.

What is your USP and why is your solution better? (unique selling point — the one thing that makes you different (and hopefully better) than your competitors.)

  • Attract voters and donations based on your vision, goals, and achievements.

Unfair advantage (can’t be easily copied or bought)?

  • Freemium based business model.


Who are your most important customers?

  • Politicians and public figures

What job do they want you to get done for them?

  • Share their progress easily with their followers and collect donations.

How are your customers solving that problem today?

  • Sharing content on social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Revenue Streams

There are several revenue models, so it’s up to you which model you can use.

How will you make money?

  • Subscription-based model for additional features.

What is the revenue model?

  • Subscription-based model + % from collected donations.

What are pricing tactics?

  • It’s up to you what price tactics should be used.


I won’t dive deep into MVP (minimal valuable product) specifications and only share the main parts as I see the project.

Can you make it with no-code tools?

You can try using and this paid template also you can try looking for other free templates.

Top features, project parts.

  • User authentication.

V2 of the project

  • Add integrations aggregators like zappier to connect Facebook, Twitter social feeds. Or just make it possible to add widgets to the user dashboard by pasting the link.

The vision of this product should be — politicians live dashboard.


Who are your competitors? Please provide links to your closest 3 competitors or product substitutions.


How are you different?

  • Planning and a tracking tool as a live dashboard with social interaction.


What does the total addressable market (ie. market size) look like?

  • ~520 000 in the United States,

What is localization for the product?

  • United States

Last word

So this type of business model (public goal planning and tracking dashboard with donations) could be used in other industries like the music industry and others.

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Get freshly baked tech ideas for your next startup backed by data to your inbox weekly!